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Legislative Delegation

The Lexington County Legislative Delegation normally meets four times a year (February, March, September, and November – on the second Thursday at 6 pm) to discuss board/commission appointments and to do business regarding matters relating to the Delegation Office.  Location of meetings will be determined by the chairman each year.  A chairman is elected every two years.  The current chairman is Representative Kit Spires and the Vice Chairman is Senator Katrina Shealy.  

Questions regarding public meetings and/or agenda items, please contact the Lexington County Legislative Delegation Office at 803-785-8184.  Office hours are from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, except holidays.  You may download notary forms and/or board/commission application forms below. For additional information regarding notary duties and/or change in status forms, please use the Secretary of State website



Representative L. Kit Spires, Chairman

Senator Katrina F. Shealy, Vice Chairman

 Mrs. Linda Griffith, Administrative Assistant



Vacant (SD 20)

Ronnie Cromer (SD 18)

Shane Massey (SD 25)

Nikki Setzler (SD 26)

Katrina Shealy (SD 23)



Todd Atwater (HD 87)

Nathan Ballentine (HD 71)

Micah Caskey (HD 89)

Chip Huggins (HD 85)

Cal Forrest (HD 39)

Russell L. Ott (HD 93)

Chris Wooten (HD 69)

 L. Kit Spires (HD 96)

McLain R. "Mac" Toole (HD 88)


Forms & Applications

 Boards & Commissions Application(PDF)

For information regarding various boards and commissions, contact the Legislative Delegation Office at 785-8184.  Please click on this site to download the application. Accordingly, if you do want to be considered;  The Governor’s Office now has a new procedure for processing candidates which requires that every applicant for appointment and/or reappointment must have a valid e-mail address.  Please be sure if you fill out an application that you write this address legibly.  


Notary Application(PDF)

Please complete the entire upper portion of the form as indicated in the instructions.  For Voter ID information in Lexington County, please call 803-785-8369, M-F 8:30a - 5:00p.  This process normally takes 10-14 business days to complete once it leaves the Delegation Office.  It is recommended that renewal applications be requested approximately 6 weeks prior to expiration.